SmartClean Technologies

SmartClean is a company offering end-to-end IoT- & AI-based solution, which produces facilities with connected sensors and intelligent algorithms. With the use of Big Data and AI, it can increase the productivity and improve the service quality of the cleaning procedures. For example, the solution offers real-time monitoring of the facilities via an array of sensors. SmartClean uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate and rate cleanliness, in order to alert cleaners of issues, so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently without delay.

Company NameSmartClean Technologies Pte Ltd
Brand NameSmartClean Technologies
Big Data
Year of Establishment2017
Founder(s)Abhishek Mishra
Kush Agarwal
Lav Agarwal
Stella Hu
No. of Employees11 to 50
Regional CoverageSingapore
Fundraising History441K USD (Mar 2019)
73K USD (Aug 2018)
515K USD (Jul 2018)
184K(Sep 2017)
26K USD (May 2017)
Raising Fundyes
Fundraising target1.5M USD
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Media ExposureThe Straits Times
The New Indian Express
Digital Trends
Company Email[email protected]

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