MoneySmart is a South East Asia’s leading financial portal to search the best loan package, insurance policy, and credit card deals for customers. The mission of the company is to simplify clients’ personal finance decisions. Ranging from everyday decisions like choosing the best credit card to big decisions like buying a home, Money Smart shows the customers what’s out there, recommend what’s best for them and help them to work it out.

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Being a Virtualization and Cloud solutions firm, CloudFX offers services like Customer Experience Platform and Cloud Management Platform, and helps transform customers’ business. With the ability to create an “XaaS” model, the company can simplify delivery and consumption of anything from cloud, SaaS, services and hardware.

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JET8 is a catalyst for the transformation of global brands through a unified, code-free mobile social commerce platform. JET8 apps turn social media users into empowered creators and consumers, and allow brands and agencies to target, publish, and track the life of branded content. For every like, comment, and share, users are rewarded for their influence with JET8’s social currency, JETS. With JETS, users can redeem products online or over-the-counter across more than 15,000 retail stores around the world, including Watsons, Circle K, and 7-Eleven.

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