Leorix is built as an interactive platform equipped with a collection of smallest modules bind together using state of the art high-speed message passing and optimized configurable message routing algorithm which provides solid abstractions to developers to design and build more complex real-time systems without worrying about the intricacies of the scalability, massive parallelism, fault-tolerance, and security.

Company NameLeorix Pvt. Ltd.
Brand NameLeorix
IndustriesPlatform Based
Year of Establishment2019
Founder(s)Srijeyanthan Kuganesan
Tha/san Kuganesan
No. of Employeesless than 10
Regional CoverageSingapore
Fundraising History/
Raising Fund/
Fundraising target/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Media Exposure/
Company Email[email protected]

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