Go Halfhlaf

Go HalfHalf is a startup founded in 2017 at Singapore. Go HalfHalf is a mobile app promoting co-ownership of items between a pair of users by sharing the price of item half among them. Go HalfHalf also have intelligent matching system with reviews and rating to facilitate user matching.

Company NameGo HalfHalf
Brand NameGo Halfhlaf
IndustriesSharing Economy
Platform Based
Year of Establishment2017
Founder(s)Krystie Ma
No. of Employeesless than 10
Regional CoverageSingapore
Fundraising History36.7K USD (Jul 2017)
Raising Fund/
Fundraising target/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Media Exposure/
Company Email[email protected]

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