UNDONE is a custom watch label where customers can design their own watch using the templates provided by the platform. The watches are then tailor-made according to the customers’ preferences and the price is generally cheaper than similar products on the market. However, it is claimed that the quality was not sacrificed for the lower price. UNDONELAB is another part of UNDONE where it allows customers to modify and customize UNDONE products or products from other brands.

Company NameUNDONE
Brand NameUNDONE
Year of Establishment2014
Founder(s)Robert T.
Michael Young
No. of Employees/
Regional Coverage/
Investor(s)C Ventures
Adrian Cheng
Raising Fund/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Fundraising target/
Fundraising History1M USD (C Ventures - Jan 2018)
Media Explosure0-5
Company Email[email protected]

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