Thinka is a platform which allows teachers to send out multiple choice quizzes and collect data from the results to analyze the performance of different classes or groups of students. Teachers can make Thinka send out homework and correct homework automatically which reduces their workload and allow them to spare time to focus on their teaching quality. Students can also learn anytime, anywhere to make learning more convenient.

Company Namethinka Incorporation Limited
Brand Namethinka
Big data
Year of Establishment2017
Founder(s)Chan Kai Yin Gordon
Calvin Kei
No. of Employees
Regional CoverageHong Kong
ClientsSchool teachers and students (e.g Heep Yunn School)
Raising Fund/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Fundraising target/
Fundraising History/
No. of Media Explosure0-5
Company Email[email protected]

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