Gartner警告:90%區塊鏈項目可能於18個月內報廢! 為什麼?!

區塊鏈(Blockchain)技術愈來愈盛行,根據研究調查Gartner指出,區塊鏈市場將由2018年的12億美元大幅上升至2023年的233億美元。區塊鏈技術應用雖然呈上升趨勢,然而調查機構Gartner最近一項研究指出,各類型新科技不斷推陳出新,加上網絡威脅日益嚴重,區塊鏈面臨巨大挑戰,倘若企業不為區塊鏈項目作定期檢討,將會有9成區塊鏈項目於18個月內報廢!這也等於一般Blockchain Application的生命週期一年半。

Gartner警告:90%區塊鏈項目可能於18個月內報廢! 為什麼?! Read More


Brazn is known as a startup specialising in building out a IoT platform for clients to transforming spaces. This company not just provide a platform but also the business models, ecosystems and expertise around the vertical, for different industries like environments, agriculture, and buildings. One of their innovation, Agrios, is an IOT, agronomics and data science driven Decision Support System with disease and pest prediction.

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