Pepper & Salt Concept

P&S is a life and investment academy which helps its students learn how to find passion and purpose in life. They also teach their students how to invest and live for their passion at the same time. They believe that on the path of following their hopes and dreams, wealth comes and they try to educate more people to do that. On average, people who take their courses purchase a property at a price 19.06% lower than market price and they have already educated 2463 students.

Company NamePepper & Salt Concept
Brand NamePepper & Salt Concept
Year of Establishment2015
Founder(s)Lucy Jiang
No. of Employees/
Regional CoverageHong Kong
Raising Fund/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Fundraising target/
Fundraising History/
Media Explosure11-20
Company Email[email protected]

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