Monexo is an online P2P financing platform where Small and Medium Enterprises can get efficient loans from lenders at a reasonable rate. Lenders adjust their loan sizes to as low as HKD $1000 and can diversify their loan profile into different industries. The platform links SMEs and reduces the time used in complicated procedures to speed up the process of lending and receiving funds.

Company NameMonexo
Brand NameMonexo
Platform Based
Year of Establishment2014
Founder(s)M Sundar
Mukesh Bubna
Sonal Bengani
No. of Employees11-30
Regional Coverage/
Investor(s)Mr. N.T. Arunkumar
Raising Fund/
Pre-money valuation/
Post-money Valuation/
Fundraising target/
Fundraising History500K USD (Dec 2014)
Media Explosure11-20
Company Email[email protected]

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