MediaCircle is an influencer marketing platform which utilizes blockchain technology. The advertisers can give out coupons using chatbots and find the right influencers to help them advertise their product.

Company NameMediaCircle
Brand NameMediaCircle
IndustriesDigital Marketing
Platform Based
Year of Establishment/
Founder(s)Danny Kang
No. of Employees1-10
Regional Coverage/
StageSeries A
Raising FundYes (Closed - End of July 2018)
Pre-money valuation62M HKD (7.8M USD) (2018)
Post-money Valuation/
Fundraising target15.7M HKD (2M USD) (Jun 2018)
Fundraising History5.7M HKD (726K USD) (2018)
Media Explosure/
Company Email/

[dcb id=5586]

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