Founded in 2017, BotStar is an chatbot developing startup in Singapore, which empowers users to design, develop and train their chatbots on the online chatbot platform of BotStar. Apart from interative chatbot developing, BotStar also provides service ranging from broadcasting to analytics in their online chatbot platform.

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interaction 1233873 1280 290x220 - 2020年將會興起的6大營銷趨勢!	Marketers必須學習免錯失機會!(上)

2020年將會興起的6大營銷趨勢! Marketers必須學習免錯失機會!(上)

每年都會有新科技和主題興起,作為營銷專員(Marketer)必須時刻警醒,了解最新營銷趨勢,以免落後他人。AI、大數據(Big Data)、CRM等科技產品其實已推出很久,倘若你還只沉醉使用這些科技產品—證明你已經落伍!要做好營銷當然不能只依靠這些產品,那麼明年將會興起甚麼?拾捌堂將為你講解。

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1  Mxo33CtWwuNDT6IqEft4A 290x220 - 超簡單極速設置Chatbot!         為你介紹全球4大Chatbot方案公司

超簡單極速設置Chatbot! 為你介紹全球4大Chatbot方案公司

Chatbot不止融入我們的生活,亦將成為各行各業不可或缺的商業工具,善用其所不但能減輕客戶服務人手,提升企業營運效率,而且可為企業開拓更多生意,業績倍增。拾捌堂今次向你介紹目前全球其中最佳的4家Chatbot公司,助你早日使用Chatbot,為你的公司開發無限潛在可能!   Botsif …

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what is Google web spider crawler

SEO入門字典第五課 Web spider是什麼?

Web spider也稱為Webcrawler(網絡爬蟲),是一種網絡機械人,會搜查及分析網絡中各個網站頁面的數據,包括文字、表格和鏈接,並會沿著網頁內的超連結一直搜索和爬取其他的網頁,以類似樹枝分叉狀延伸下去,一直循環直到把所有可能到達的網頁抓取出來。 而它在搜尋引擎的運用上,就發揮偵察兵的作用。 …

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Headquartered in Singapore, Pand.AI is pioneer in AI deep natural language processing (NLP) technology. With the most advance NLP technology, Pand,AI tailor-made smart chatbots for clients like Allianz, schroders, UBS to maximize their customers user experince.

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AiChat is a conversational A.I company for brands to easily manage chatbots to automate business processes in customer service, sales and marketing on popular messaging apps. Their services include providing online visitors with automated instant responses to commonly asked questions. Their technology combines the Natural Language Processing and AI, developed by a team of experts.

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Headquartered in Singapore, KeyReply specializes on ChatBot services for chat automation. With advance machine learning process, KeyReply develops tailor-made ChatBots for AIA, Zalora, and Singaporean Governemt as virtual assistants which allows all-time customer service.

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